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Due to Covid-19, we sadly will need to revise the date of the festival this year. Stay tuned though for announcements regarding a virtual singing series. 

Get out of the shower and get your sing on at the singing festival of the year.


Whether you are a shower singer, choir singer,  budding performer or just a wannabe pop star, this singing event will take your singing up a notch in a really fun, non-judgemental atmosphere.   You're guaranteed to stretch your vocal chords to the max, in singing workshops from morning until evening and you will love every single second. 

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This is no ordinary

singing festival.

This is a A day of immersive professional workshops for anyone and everyone who loves to sing.  Seriously, if you ever wanted to be a better singer, these workshops will get your voice soaring in ways you never imagined. 

​① Learn new singing techniques

② Work with top professionals

③ Challenge yourself 

④ Get more singing confidence 

⑤ Try different music genres 

​⑥ 'No judgement' place to let loose

⑦ A day of fun, celebration and singing

​⑧ Meet new people 

Do singing workshops with top vocal coaches and artists

This is no ordinary singing event. This is a unique opportunity to do singing workshops with some of Australia’s best singing coaches like: Vicky Jacobs, Tim Smith, Fem Belling, David Rogers-Smith, Angela Librandi and Peter Vox!  Seriously, if you ever wanted to be a better singer, these masterclasses will get your voice soaring in ways you never imagined. 

It's an action packed musical journey with your voice.

 In one day, you will do a range of workshops covering professional singing techniques across a range of styles and genres including musical theatre, gospel, contemporary, rock, jazz, blues and classical. We'll practice singing in big groups, small groups and  you may even have a chance to sing solo if you dare!  This will be a truly exciting and unique singing program and we want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and inspired to try new things. 


Interested in musical theatre or performing? We have a unique opportunity for you. At the festival you can opt to do a Fasterclass which is a 10 minute solo 'mock' audition with a panel of experts .  They will listen to you sing your song and then give you instant feedback on your voice.  Only available with a full festival pass. 

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How it works:

1. Turn up

2. Choose your favourite workshops

3. Sing your heart out

4. Have loads of fun

6. Go home happy

Got more questions? See the FAQS, General Info or Contact us

Is this for me?  Yes!

It doesn't matter whether you are 17 or 70, a total beginner, a singer wannabe, or just love spending a whole day learning and singing.  Bring your friends, bring your husband, bring your mum! Maybe you're feeling lonely or stressed and need a little pick me up. Or maybe you want to stretch your vocal chords to the max.   Whatever your bag, you are guaranteed an awesome day at The Big Sing.

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