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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it so cheap?

We want to deliver great value but also make it accessible to the masses. 

I am new to singing, should I still attend?

Yes! It’s perfect for new singers to learn the basics, and more practiced singers who want to pick up some new skills from the experts in the business.

What if I'm new to singing but want to come for fun? Can I still come?

No worries. Learn how anyone can improve even if you don't have any formal singing experience! Fun is the main point of the day.


What if I can’t site read sheet music?

No worries. Most of the people coming won’t be able to.

I don't have a singing teacher, will I get anything out of the course?

You sure will! At the event we'll show you how to start getting more out of your voice straight away. Having said that, for the best long term results we do recommend having regular lessons so you can take advantage of all the methods we teach.

I’m not sure I can come the whole day? Can I attend part of it?

We have an amazing day planned so we hope you can stay the whole day and chances are, you will feel inspired to stay for the whole thing.   Of course, we understand some people have other commitments and can't make the entire event. Please email us directly if you need to discuss any personal circumstances. 


How many workshops can I do in one day?

There will be 10 workshops to choose from that will run for either an hour or 90 minutes with breaks for lunch and snacks in between. In one day, you’ll be able to fit at least 5 workshops.


What is the schedule for the event?

This will be posted on the website as soon as we’ve finalised it. Please make sure you join our email list if you want to be notified. 

Are there going to be multiple presenters?

Yes. We have handpicked the best in the business from Leading vocal coach Tim Smith, to choir superstar and Musical Director Vicky Jacobs. This line up is unique! Check out the full lineup herre. 


Are you focused mainly on musical theatre?

No not at all. We are covering a number of genres throughout the day. Check out the singing workshops program we've got planned. 

Do many people attend the event alone?

Absolutely. You will feel completely comfortable coming alone. You won't have to hug people or hold hands! You also won't have to share your life story with strangers or be subjected to any type of swearing from the speaker. It is an inspirational, high energy event in safe and supportive community :).  There are several opportunities to socialise throughout the day so you can meet new people if you like.

Will this course be worth my time?

Of course! The content is based on what's being taught right now in Australia. You will get the benefit of the experience of 10 highly respected singing professionals. Learning to sing and singing with friends has to be one the best investments in time you can make for yourself.  Where you take it is up to you.  You will get massive value and gain valuable skills & knowledge throughout the day.

Who is Big Sing Australia?

Big Sing Australia was established in 2017. The Founder Dina Zaitman has numerous years of experience in being an amateur performer and wannabe singer. It was her dream to find others just like her and make singing more accessible to the masses.

What's the youngest or oldest age for people to attend?

We can accommodate 15+ people. Concession prices are available.

The older you are, the more life experience you will have. The youngest person allowed is 15 due to the content of the day.


Why did you create this event?

So many people love singing but often end up singing mostly in showers, cars and at karaoke. We want to give the opportunity for anyone who loves singing, or used to love singing in a past life, to get out of their shower and have an unforgettable day doing something fun and inspirational and potentially re-ignite their passion.

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