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The Big Sing

Find your singing mojo!


How many of us love to belt out our favourite tunes in private spaces like the shower, where we can really let loose and feel the thrill of hearing our voice at full throttle?  The steam loosens the vocal chords. The tiles create the perfect reverb. And the shampoo or conditioner bottle, makes for the perfect microphone substitute.  Why? Because Everyone's a rock star in the bathroom, whether you have a voice like Aretha Franklin or couldn't carry a melody to save your life.

The Big Sing Festival is all about finding your singing mojo. 

Singing has never been more popular

We've all got something to sing about and the recent popularity of shows such as Australian Idol, The Voice and  Australia's Got Talent, have made singing accessible to the underdog.  They have also raised the consciousness of what it means to be a good singer. Let's face it, it's kind of fun watching the early stages of a singing competition: getting to pass judgment on the talentless, or invest ourselves in the best singers as if we've discovered them ourselves. And when we watch singing shows, we get to imagine ourselves on stage. 

The sheer numbers of people who have joined a regular choir throughout Australia has increased dramatically over the past decade and is possibly the fastest growing and largest sector (involving the highest number of active participants) within the music community.

Mental illness is extremely common in our society and singing is one of those thing that just makes you happy every single time.  In fact, one in five (20%) Australians aged 16-85 experience a mental illness in any year and singing is a great equalizer with clear benefits for community mental health and wellbeing.  People who sing are happier, healthier and live longer (regardless of how well they sing).

The Big Sing Festival caters to all kinds of singers including choir singers, budding performers and anyone  who would love nothing more than learning to sing better in a fun relaxed atmosphere.  We look forward to bringing more and more people on this journey with us. 

Our Mission

"Big Sing Australia was set up to infuse more joy into the local community by delivering energising, empowering and enlightening
singing workshops that are open to anyone who loves to sing"

Founder, Dina Zaitman

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Who's behind The Big Sing Festival

The Big Sing Festival is hosted by Big Sing Australia - a new Melbourne based organisation headed up by Dina Zaitman, and volunteers who love the performing arts and wish to give back to the community.  The management team are professionals in their area of expertise but have donated their services to be able to see more people get out of their showers and learn to sing for the love of it.  The aim is to establish the festival as an annual event in Melbourne.  

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