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Can you learn to sing in a day?

After years of embarrassment at karaoke nights, could you really learn to sing properly in just one day? Being a rubbish singer is something many of us have long wanted to fix. But how easy is it to sort out? Would it be possible to improve your singing voice in just a few short lessons? Yes it is! If you have the right coach and mindset. Here are a few tips on what you can achieve in a day:

Find the right singing coach

Finding a teacher who won't judge you is crucial, because to get your voice in shape it's helpful to put yourself through some embarrassing vocal exercises. Such as singing lyrics designed to help you pronounce vowels.

Learn to breathe

The most important thing you will learn though, is how to breathe properly. In only a couple of hours' taking air into your lower lungs, which seems counter-intuitive, will be much easier. We're taught to be tense, to hold ourselves in but the proper way to breathe is to relax, take in air deeply as if into your stomach, and then use this to support your voice as you sing. It can feel counter-intuitive, but with a bit of practice you will start to get the hang of it. When you feel all that air flowing through your body, you may just get an endorphin rush not dissimilar to a session in the gym. It's fascinating stuff, especially when you start exploring the scale of your natural speaking voice.

Choose the right song for your voice range

When you really think about who the song is addressed to, your singing will take on a whole new tone of it's own. Try to choose songs you identify with and you will be able to 'feel' what you're singing. It's now time to throw yourself into all manner of songs. Suddenly, just with a few new skills, a whole range of previously unattainable Adele Songs may just open up to you.

Don't be afraid of failure

Of course, it's one thing to sing freely in a rehearsal room, quite another to do so in public. Don't hold yourself back though. Knowing you have a few new skills under your belt though, will be so much more fun when you learn a few of the basics.

The Big Sing Festival is a 1 day Program will explore a range of singing techniques, styles and genres, and you may also get a chance to perform solo if you choose to.  The vocal coaches who are running the workshops are all seasoned professionals who will be sharing the latest singing techniques with you.

  • Vicky Jacobs (Assistant Musical Director of Come from Away)

  • Tim Smith (Internationally renowned Vocal Coach)

  • Kirsten King (Broadway Choreographer)

  • Fem Belling (Well known Jazz and Cabaret artist)

  • David Rogers-Smith (Seasoned performer and vocal coach)

  • Angela Librandi (amazing vocalist and choir master)

  • Chris Blain (Acapella Coach extraordinaire)

  • Peter Vox (Singing coach to  the stars)

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