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4 Ways Singing Can Increase Your Self Confidence

"Who are these people who seem to have so much confidence?" There is no doubt that confidence is an absolute must especially if you’re interested in the performance arts but not everyone is lucky enough to have unwavering confidence come naturally. Most people have to consciously work at feeling fearless.

If the thought of standing center stage in the spotlight, singing your heart out while all eyes are on you feels scary, don’t worry! This is where learning how to sing while in a fun environment, surrounded by others just like you, can really help you step your confidence game up!

Here are 4 ways that singing can increase your confidence:

1. Helps you overcome the fear of being awkward

A lot of people fear looking and feeling awkward, especially when it comes to singing. However, when you’re challenging yourself by learning how to sing (or anything new for that matter), it’s totally ok to look and feel awkward! In fact, it’s completely normal. Putting yourself in a welcoming environment that allows amateurs to flourish is the perfect way to overcome your fears of being awkward!

2. Provides an outlet for self-expression

Everyone has the desire and need to express themselves. Learning how to sing is an amazing way to do just that! It’s a chance to fall into the moves and rhythms that speak to your soul. Not only will you have an outlet to express yourself, you’ll likely learn a lot about yourself, too! It’s a win-win.

3. Combats the need to compare yourself to others

We all do it! But when learning how to sing, you’ll have the opportunity to accept yourself and your skills as they are in that very moment. You won’t feel the need to compare yourself to others, because you’ll have found a new appreciation for your ability to be rhythmic, flow, and persevere.

4. You will feel proud that you challenged yourself to learn something new

After learning how to sing, you’ll have gained a sense of accomplishment. You’ll feel so proud that you challenged yourself in a new way. Allowing yourself to truly live in the moment and give it all you’ve got is an instant confidence builder. You may even meet some new friends along the way!

The Big Sing festival is all about breaking you out of your comfort zone! As a Big Sing Festival attendee, you’ll gain the tools and techniques that will leave you oozing with confidence when it comes to performing. In addition to stepping up your vocal abilities, you’ll also have the chance to learn how to sing AND dance at the same time!

In one workshop led by esteemed Musical Director Vicky Jacobs and Choreographer Kirsten King, you’ll master how to match your moves to the music, and how to control your breathing. This dynamic session will leave you feeling like you’re ready for Broadway! How amazing does that sound? Click here to get your tickets now!

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