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Do you have secret dreams of being able to produce more pleasing sounds from your mouth than you currently do? Or maybe you want to become the next Ed Sheeran or Beyoncé.  Wherever you are at, we would love you to join us for an action-packed day of singing workshops facilitated by well known Australian vocal coaches and artists. 

  • Singing showtunes

    Music theatre geeks unite!  It’s time to sing all of your favourite show tunes - everything from Gilbert & Sullivan to Wicked. Music theatre covers a huge spectrum of sounds and you can make all of them with a little know how and a lot of pizazz. The Big Sing has asked esteemed Musical Director Vicky Jacobs to take you on a show tunes journey that will give you the confidence to be the music theatre star you know you are!

    A musical theatre journey 

    Director: Vicky Jacobs

  • Sing Like a Star

    Peter Vox has been teaching professionals with major label recording contracts how to sing since 1993.  In this workshop, Peter Vox will explain, demonstrate and implement techniques to greatly develop your vocal tone, confidence, singing range, breathing, pitch, stamina, strength, technique & control.  It is going to be very hands-on and some of you may even like to help demonstrate. We’ll round up the workshop with everyone coming together to sing a well-known pop song to put these points into practice.

    Improve your singing technique fast

    Director: Peter Vox

  • Let's harmonise a capella style

    Ever seen Pitch Perfect and wished you could blend like that? Join Chris Blain - A cappella master coach - for an uplifting ensemble singing experience, working on part-holding, tone and blend, and performance of the a cappella medium. Experience how all the parts come together, and feel the buzz from connecting musically with a like-minded group of people.  This workshop is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a song in your heart. No sheet music, no previous experience necessary, no solo singing (except if you want to!) and no auditions - this is about the power and joy of singing together unaccompanied.

    Feel the magic of harmony in this contemporary a cappella workshop

    Director: Chris Blain

  • Contemporary Singing 101

    In this workshop Tim Smith will go over some important fundamentals, share vocal exercises and get into advanced tips that will take your singing voice to the next level.  You’ll learn some contemporary belt secrets and how to get a lot more power when you sing.  In this workshop we will cover a number of techniques and approaches to achieve a good quality contemporary sound.  Most of the time you will be singing in a group, although occasionally you will have the opportunity to sing on your own to check your progress.

    The easiest way to get your contemporary voice flying!

    Director: Tim Smith

  • The TWO singing ‘YOUS’ 

    This workshop directed by Tim Smith will blow your mind! In any community choir, the repertoire will range between these two musical/vocal extremes.   To access more AUTHENTIC sounds, the singer needs to search/explore/discover the deep expressive difference between singing from the EGO, and singing from a place of true VULNERABILITY. Truly authentic singing in any style requires this deep awareness and allows the singer to CROSSOVER between the two fundamentally different styles. This awareness changes EVERYTHING about how the singer sings; words, phrasing, tone, breathing, posture, laryngeal function, expressive styling etc.

    An exploratory workshop on the DEEP differences between classical and contemporary singing.

    Director: Tim Smith

  • Let's Get Jazzy

    Award winning Jazz Chanteuse, Fem Belling, will guide you through the best fun you've ever had learning how to sing jazz, write a blues and improvise over it. Don't be afraid of the jazz hands!!!  A fun, friendly and most of all fabulous workshop encompassing jazz and blues, that will bring out the inner Divo/Diva in you. You will be improvising before you know it.  It will cover the essence of jazz phrasing, improvisation, the language of scat and what makes Ella and Sinatra stand out from the rest. You will be improvising before you know it.Perfect for those that love the jazz and blues and have always dreamed of giving it a go!  And it doesn’t matter your level of singing. We all have an inner voice that wants to play and improvise.

    Don't let the blues bring you down!

    Director: Fem Belling

  • Take it Higher With Gospel

    Are you used to singing in a classical or jazz style, and you want to have a go at gospel singing? This workshop will suit people of all backgrounds and abilities - whether you're a total beginner, or already an accomplished singer (or choir) in another musical style. Angela Librandi is an inspiring performer/choir director who calls out the best in all who attend her workshops. Her style is relaxed and energising at the same time but above - all, fun! There will be harmony, a bit of movement and a shite load of fun.  Think 'Oh Happy Day' from Sister Act.

    Get ready to be energised!

    Director: Angela Librandi

  • Find your singing mojo

    Have you always wanted to sing, but don't have the confidence? Do you want to raise your artistry and performance to new heights? Do you experience fear and anxiety when performing? Are you afraid to really be seen and be heard? Do you want to learn how the professionals are so authentic, moving and confident? In this workshop you’ll learn how to connect with your inner voice, by aligning your voice and your body to the truth of your message for truthful, authentic singing. You’ll identify and learn how to let go of what holds you back as a singer, artist and individual. In the process you will learn how to become more embodied as a singer, find the heart of your voice and get in touch with your musical and creative nature. No matter what style of singing you enjoy. 

    Connect with your inner voice.

    Director: Danielle Soccio

  • Musical Theatre Storytelling

    Your job when singing a musical theatre song (as opposed to a pop song), is to take the audience on an interesting journey.  It is not enough just to sing the right notes, have a good feel for the song and make your voice ‘sound’ nice – you must be a story-teller.  If you have chosen your song well, you should be able to perform the song as the character you are auditioning for, telling the story of a moment in their journey in the musical.  David Rogers-Smith is the perfect man to help you explore the magic of musicals. Learn thew fundamental techniques to help you develop into a great vocal storyteller while maintaining excellent tone, breath support, blending, and diction technique needed to perform on stage. Most of the time you will be singing in a group, although if you do want to leap into the spotlight there's the opportunity for some solos!

    You know the notes and the lyrics. Now what?

    Director: David Rogers-Smith

  • Change Your Tune

    Here is an opportunity to become aware of the power of your voice and the positive health benefits from singing with time, tone and truth.  The 3 T’s. Darren Percival liberates people to get out of their own way. The fear of being heard is not serving us well.   This is a dynamic vocal workshop where you will get to unleash your voice, let loose and connect with others (and yourself) in song.  Darren will take you through a series of vocal  experiences to help you break through fears that are keeping your natural essence and life artistry under lock and key.   Stand up and sing YOUR song is the motto for this one but don't worry, we won't make you sing solo or do weird cat noises. Unless you want to of course!

    You regularly service the car - why not your voice?

    Director: Darren Percival

  • ‘Fasterclass’ - Only 4 left!!

    (This is a private session that requires an 'add on' booking).  In this 10 minute session, you will sing a song to our panel of experts and get instant feedback. Perfect for anyone who has an audition planned or just wants to get some tips on how to improve their voice or performance. Come ready to sing a solo to our expert panel and we’ll take it to the next level. Don’t worry if you feel a bit nervous, this will be a very relaxed way to do a mock audition!

    Private 'Mock' Auditions with the Various Directors


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