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If you can speak, you can sing

Can anyone learn how to sing? For most of us, the answer is yes. Chances are that you can be taught to sing – and even if you can’t, there are health benefits to trying.

Singing in the shower or being part of a community choir is a great place start, but still quite a leap to pursuing singing professionally. We are all born with the key ingredients of a singing voice. But some of us may have a genetic advantage that can be enhanced by training. My family all seem to have great singing voices. That surely can't be a coincidence. Or is it because we were surrounded by music 24/7.?

Whether you believe singing is innate or learned, a really good contemporary professional pop singer isn’t just born that way. They are dedicated to understanding their vocal instrument. You can bet they do daily warm-ups and a variety of exercises, practice music harmony, can notate and transcribe music, and have some degree of improvisation and stagecraft skills.

The act of singing well, actually involves a fine tuned coordination of muscles that need to be both flexible and strong. True control comes from training.

So if you’ve never sung professionally but want to try singing, now could be the perfect opportunity to give it a go at The Big Sing Festival on November 10, 2019. There will be workshops on vocal technique, contemporary singing, finding your singing mojo, singing musicals etc.. There is something there for everyone.

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